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Genuine Joe® Solutions

Hurry! Exciting Promotion: 

Get A FREE Dispenser Worth $50!

You won't want to miss this exciting promotion! For a limited time, you'll receive a $50 dispenser at no charge when you purchase your towels and tissues from Ritter's. *Min. 2 ctn. opening order.
And the best part? Not only will you receive a free dispenser, you could save up to 25% time and money by switching to Genuine Joe®
Contact your Account Manager TODAY to find out how to get your FREE dispenser! 
Why Choose Genuine Joe®?
This new environmentally sustainable, high capacity line of towel and tissue products is made with 100% virgin fiber that are whiter, brighter, cleaner, and softer to enhance the washroom image.
If you want to reduce labor costs, be environmentally friendly, and increase washroom aesthetics, get Genuine Joe® Solutions.

Genuine Joe® is Environmentally Friendly: 

Learn More About Rapidly Renewable Fiber

“Rapidly Renewable” is a term that describes plant materials that harvest in a 10-year cycle or less. Our supplier produces Rapidly Renewable Fiber (RRF) from trees that flourish in warm, moist climates and reach full height and maturity in 6-8 years.
Shorter harvest cycles yielding more paper from more trees on less land and in less time.
That’s true sustainability in paper!
Where Does Rapidly Renewable Fiber Come From? Modern tree plantations, particularly along the equator are expanding the notion of “green” paper through the development of certified-sustainable rapidly renewable tree plantations.
These janitorial paper products are derived from rapidly renewable resources, a compliance pathway defined in EQc7 (Environmental Quality, credit 7) of LEED EBOM v4 and IEQc3.3 (Indoor Environmental Quality, credit 3.3) of 2009 LEED EBOM.
A FREE dispenser, time and money-saving products, and environmentally friendly solutions? That's a win all-around! 
Contact your Account Manager TODAY to find out how to get your FREE dispenser and get Genuine Joe® Solutions working for you! 
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